“Rise” Music Video with One Voice Children’s Choir – behind the scene images!

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In celebration of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, One Voice Children’s Choir released a cover of Katy Perry’s battle cry, “Rise" on August 5, 2016. (The same day as the opening ceremonies in Rio!) 

Masa Fukuda, the director of the choir, created this amazing arrangement that features Abbi Liddell and Camri Cahoon as the soloists. Ethan Critchfield is the beat-boxer. The music video was filmed in late July at the Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City, UT.

Enjoy these behind-the-scene images. You can find Reese on the left side of the screen in the soprano section. (She is wearing a green headband.) 

Don't forget to check out the video, too! 

OVCC Rise Music Video-7579Web

Reese is getting her face painted in preparation of the filming of the music video, "Rise". 

OVCC Rise Music Video-7578Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7893Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7875Web-2

OVCC Rise Music Video-7857Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7801Web


OVCC Rise Music Video-7772Web

Masa Fukuda leading the choir during the music video shoot. 

OVCC Rise Music Video-7763Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7745Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7742Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7681Web

Ethan Critchfield (left), Camri Cahoon (middle), and Abbi Liddell (right) were the featured soloists in the One Voice Children's Choir music video, "Rise."

OVCC Rise Music Video-7674Web

One Voice Children's Choir during the music video shoot. Reese Oliveira is in the middle-left section, wearing a green headband. 

OVCC Rise Music Video-7665Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7659Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7653Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7637Web  

OVCC Rise Music Video-7931Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7933Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7936Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7951Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7962Web

OVCC Rise Music Video-7966Web

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