Hand Painted Cardboard Ice Cream Truck for “Tidal Wave” – behind the scenes of the music video

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For Reese's "Tidal Wave" music video, we decided to make the "love" story about a love of Ice Cream. Initially, we were going to find a real ice cream truck; however, after realizing that there aren't that many ice cream trucks in Utah county, we started looking for other options. I found this darling cardboard Ice Cream truck from the company, "Build a Dream." I ordered it from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2xm9e2V

Upon arrival, the kids had a blast assembling the truck. Here are Reese's younger brother and sisters as we built the truck. 

Weston and Bree having fun with the new cardboard ice cream truck! 

Bree peeking through the window as we assemble the truck.

Rylie also wanted in on the fun! 

Horsing around with the fully assembled cardboard ice cream truck! 😉

Now it was time to paint the truck! I didn't like how high the wheels were printed on the truck, so I painted over the entire truck, and then added my own wheels a little lower than suggested. 

The beginning of the wheels (before the rims!) 😉

Almost done! 

The best part! Before I painted on the words, "Ice Cream," I traced them out with white chalk. This is how I made sure the letters would fit (and not get squished at the end!) 

All done! Did you notice the fun license plate? (Ha!) 

A screenshot of the Ice Cream truck in action during Reese's "Tidal Wave" music video. 

This is Carson, Reese's younger brother and star of the video. He is the one constantly trying to get some ice cream, and he is constantly too late. 

The hand-painted Ice Cream truck on the scene of the "Tidal Wave" music video filming. 

An action shot of Reese singing "Tidal Wave" during the music video filming. Cute little Rylie is peeking through the window of the ice cream truck with her baker's hat on. 

Rylie waiving through the Ice Cream truck window. 

Make sure you check out Reese's Tidal Wave music video! We had a very successful launch of this cover song, with over 4,000 views within the first 24 hours! (Thank you to everyone who watched it and shared it with their friends!) If you didn't know, this song, "Tidal Wave" is from the Disney TV show, "Bunk'd." The song came out in the summer of 2016, and Reese LOVED it. Although it isn't that well known, we hope you check out the original version by Kevin Quinn, and then Reese's version. The link to the video is below.

Thanks for checking in! 

-Suzy (Reese's momma)



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