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As I have told you in an earlier post, I auditioned for Annie at Barlow Arts Conservatory in Lehi, Utah. (I got the call back for the role of Annie.) I got the cast list last night...and I saw one of my friends name for the Annie role. I then looked down to all the other roles to see if they were double cast, and they were so I went up to see if the Annie role was double cast...and it was! I got the other Annie! I am so happy and excited, but I feel bad for everyone else that didn't get cast as Annie. Everyone did such a great job at the call backs, and I am so grateful that I get to be Annie. The show is in June, and the other Annie is my friend Halle Garn.

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  1. Congratulations Reese! I’m so excited to see you perform as Annie! Please keep me informed as to when you’ll be performing, date, time and all the other good stuff!

    Love you tons!

    Grandma Tucker

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